London is Burning!

This half term Snapdragon and Honeysuckle class have immersed themselves in finding out about the Great Fire of 1666. Stories and facts have been read and written about. Newspaper reports have been draughted and written. Tudor houses have been designed and this week saw the re-enactment of The Great Fire itself as the houses designed were raised to the ground along with St Paul's Cathedral!

They banged their drums, gathered their belongings and ran! Grab all you can!  


All they can do is stand and watch as their homes are destroyed.....300 of them in total!

                                                                                                                                              It swept through the streets quickly                                                   St Paul's is ablaze!SAM_6936.JPG                                    SAM_6929.JPG                                  SAM_6930.JPG


     Sir Christopher Wren can only look on.                                             There's nothing these poor homeowners can do!                                                     The strong wind fanned the flames

SAM_6932.JPG                                SAM_6931.JPG                                     SAM_6933.JPG


                                                                                                      These eye witnesses said "The fire was out of control. We were terrified!"



                                                                                                       All this poor woman can do is sit and watch as her house is destroyed.


                       Lessons have been learned from the Great Fire of 1666. Houses are now built further apart, they are made of brick instead of wood and more firefighters were employed.

What's happened this week?

Monday morning reading mania! (in a good way)😉

 SAM_6775.JPG  SAM_6772.JPG  SAM_6774.JPG  SAM_6773.JPG 

SAM_6781.JPG   SAM_6779.JPG   SAM_6782.JPG    SAM_6777.JPG   

 SAM_6778.JPG   SAM_6776.jpg   SAM_6783.jpg  SAM_6780.JPG     

 Thanks one and all!

Week ending 18th November

Disco prep and all hands on deck!

       party_time1.jpg           Assisting the 'one armed bandit!' partytime6.jpg          partytime.jpg        partytime2.jpg                                                                                                                 partytime3.jpg         partytime4.jpg


 Dress Funny For Money and eat your toast!

lola_toast.jpg          elissa_toast.jpg          toast_robin.jpg  

 toast_2.jpg    toast.jpg

What's been going on in Snapdragon class?

Drumming workshop

I can feel it coming in the air tonight......


SAM_6622.JPG    On the back of the workshop three members of Snapdragon now have drumming lessons!

Black History Month

Black History Month saw a week of discussion, debate, meaningful conversations, awe and wonder in Snapdragon class. I was so taken aback by the children’s thoughts and feelings about how black people were treated in the past and how much they took from listening and finding out about Rosa Parks. Posters were made, passionate, positive and proud messages were shared. Lola said, “C’mon guys. Let’s do this together with actions not words!” Senna said, “I just didn’t like the way black people were treated.” And Ollie remarked, “I was happy that Rosa said, “No I’m not giving my seat to you.”

Snapdragon Class also chose Rosa Parks as their Star Of The Week for Taking Care of Myself and Others. Rosa stood up for herself, her beliefs and for others, during her long life. She was influential in the fight for equality and justice for all. She stood up for what she believed in and wasn't afraid to say 'no' even though she knew there would be consequences. She most certainly used "Actions not words!" Snapdragon class have been so inspired by this determined lady. In the words of Snapdragon class, " Anyone can sit where they would like to on the bus!"


 Mapping skills



Juniper Jupiter storymaps.....








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