Year 5

A Very Warm Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to the start of the new academic year from all of the year 5 team: 


                    Dan Gooch                                  Chloe Joynes                                     Danielle Birch            Kirsty McDonnell             Mel Davis                                            

            Mr Gooch - Buddleia Teacher        Miss Joynes- Allium Teacher            Miss Birch               Miss McDonnell         Mrs Davis (Teaching Assistants)




This half term, we are excited to jump into teaching and learning with our amazing Science and History led topic entitled:

‘Have you got a dream?’ 

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This half term the children will be learning all about living things and their habitats. They will be looking at life cycles of plants, mammals, amphibians and birds. Additionally, children will be learning about the history of the Benin and using this to form part of their writing.

Our key text this half term is Journey to Jo’burg by Beverly Naidoo. Children will be creating their own journey story and create a non-chronological report on the Benin.



About the story:

Walking had been so quiet but travelling in a lorry was very noisy. The air which had been so hot and still before, now swept past their faces.

Naledi had made up her mind. Her baby sister was ill and needed her mother. Mother was working in Johannesburg, 300 miles away. The only way to reach her was to get to the big road and walk. So Naledi and her brother Tiro did just that.

Set against the dangerous landscape of apartheid South Africa, JOURNEY TO JO'BURG is the inspiring story of two brave children who will do anything to save their little sister.


Over the half term, we will also be learning:

  • MATHS – Place Value, Addition and Subtraction
  • SCIENCE – Living things and their habitats
  • COMPUTING – Computer systems and networks – sharing information
  • HISTORY – Study of the Benin (West Africa)
  • RE – Islam
  • DT – Textiles: Kente patterns
  • PSHE – Living in the wider world 1
  • PE – Swimming and Rounders
  • MFL – All about me
  • MUSIC – Sing up: What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

We will continue to ask the children to read three times a week at home and to practise their spelling weekly. These will be given each Friday and tested the following Thursday. 

Key Dates for Autumn 1


PE and Outdoor Learning

In the Autumn term, Swimming takes place on a Monday morning. PE and outdoor learning takes place on alternate Wednesday Mornings. PE kits consist of PLAIN black shorts or jogging bottoms, PLAIN white t-shirt, and trainers. 

This year, children will need to come to school in their school uniform and bring their PE kit to get changed into. Children will also need to bring their Outdoor Learning kit to get changed into with wellies in a separate bag.

Please see the timetable for this half term below:


Homework in Year 5

Each week, we ask that all children read with somebody at home at least three times a week. This could be any adult or an older sibling or friend. Please sign their diary and add a comment. Every little bit of reading really does help children on the learning journey. We also ask that the children practise their weekly spellings which can be found below. We conduct a spelling quiz each week as part of a dictation lesson, and these words form part of our English teaching for the week. A vital aspect of Maths is that the children have a secure recall of times tables so we ask that they spend some time each week on TT Rockstars practising these. We also have a half-termly homework challenge grid to complete with children being rewarded for their efforts of going above and beyond by up-levelling to a bronze, silver or gold card!



Spelling Overview


Provisional Timetable for Autumn 1



Knowledge Organisers







Later on this term, check out our class blogs to see what we've been doing in school! Meanwhile, here are last year's blogs so you can the kind of activities your child will be experiencing this year.





  • Sculpture 9.6.23

    We have been learning about the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) and looking in detail at his human figure scultures.   We learnt to sketch armatures in order to design our human form sculptures.   We chose our favourite figures and used them to begin creating our sculptures in the styles of Giacometti using a wire 'skeleton' and lightweight modelling clay.      

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  • Bikeability 2023

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  • Spring 2 Renaissance Art

    This term in art, we have been studying the work of renaissance artists, particularly those who share their names with Ninja Turtles; Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo.   We have used different sketching techniques to create our own detailed realistic pieces, focussing on our choice of humnan bodies (hands) or materials.  

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  • DT homework

    Shout out to Seb and Viktoria for completing our DT Homework and creating incredible minin anglo saxon villages! Well done you two!  

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  • English 11.1.23

      Today, we created story maps based of the ole Anglo Saxon tale of Beowulf.

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  • Science 10.1.23

    We had an awesome lesson today, investigating properties of materials. We devised tests to enable us to check the properties of different materials so we could complete tthis table: We made predictions and completed fair tests to enbable us to find the information we needed.      

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  • WC 2.1.23 DT

    This term, our DT project is to design and build and Anglo-Saxon village. We spent an afternoon last week researching what the houses of Anglo-Saxon times looked like, what materials they were made from and investigating design features.   We will begin constyruction next week!    

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  • Observatory Trip 25.11.22

    On Friday, we went to the Nottingham Trent University Astronomical Observatory.   It was a truly inspiring trip, we learned so much! We went inside a planetarium and looked at Jupiter, Mars and the moon close up. What was especially interesting was that these planets and our moon are currently visible in the night sky right now, with a pair of binoculars we can look at them for ourselves! We also learned about the constellations and the myths that inspired the constellations.We had an interesting presentaion all about the moon and another about Astronaurts and the history of space travel. We...

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  • WC 7.11.22 Art

    This week in Art lessons, we have been learning about Spanish surrealist artist Joan Miro. We have discussed some of his prominent pieces and discussed what we see in the paintings and how they make us feel.   We then looked specifically at his 'Constellation Series' and looked for shapes and symbols we recognised in the paintings.   In our sketchbooks, we created our own constallation pictures using zodiac constallations as well as signs and symbols for constallations, planets, shapes and numbers, putting own spin on Miro's work.  

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  • WC 7.11.22 Spanish

    This week in Spanish we have been recapping the names of classroom items and learning prepositions.   We've been using our Spanish to write sentences describing the position of objects in relation to each other.    Our special guest Spanish teacher Senor Larez was very impressed with our work!

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  • English WC 3.10.22

    This week we have been using Rainbow Grammar to support our learning of using subordinate clauses.  

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  • Art 15.9.22

    This term we are looking at the beautiful portrait work on British artist Lynette Yiadom Boakye. She is an award winning artist and we've been inspired to learn about her style of painting, her inspirations and her composition. We have used Lynette's style of creating portraits using feautures of people in magazines to dream up fictional characters.

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  • Science WC 11.9.22

    This week in Science we have been looking at the life cycle of bird. We looked at some eggs to see if we could idnitfy the different parts of the egg required for reproduction. We were surprised we could find all of the arts in a regular chicken egg. We had never spotted the germinal disc or the chalaza before!

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  • Art 6.10.22

    In Buddleia this week, we have been looking at British artist Lynette Yaidom Boakye's work. She is a portrait artiost who paints imaginary people in a variety of poses. She often creates images by using features of people she sees in magazines so this week we collected images and created imaginary people for our portraits.  

    Read more: Art 6.10.22

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