Junior Leadership Team

We provide a number of opportunities for children to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Children of all ages are encouraged to show responsibility and initiative, and to think of others. 

Article 15

You have the right to choose your own friends, and join or set up groups, as long as it isn't harmful to others.

What do the Junior Leadership Team do?

The Junior Leadership Team take part in lots of activities including:
• Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils;
• Representing these concerns to teachers, Mr. Hayward-Mitchell and other adults;
• Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions;
• Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally;
• Fundraise for charities;
• Having the responsibility for a budget;

Being in the Junior Leadership Team is a very responsible position as you have to have a lot of sensible ideas and sometimes have to do things in your lunch times. However, it is your chance to play an important part in our Beeston community. You may feel a little nervous about putting yourself up for election but it is exciting to see what happens when people share their ideas, so be brave!

All About Us

The Junior Leadership Team work together to help make this school the very best it can be. We meet regularly to discuss projects and make things happen while representing the views of all the children at JC! The Junior Leadership Team are divided into four subcommittees. Each committee works alongside a member of staff to make an impact in their area. The teams are: 

  • Equality Committee
  • Eco-Committee
  • Health and Well-being Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

Our Aims​

  1.  We make sure that everyone has a voice and an opinion.

  2.  As a team of children, staff and governors, we work together to make positive and important changes to our school.

  3.  We aim to role model good behavior and to encourage other children to follow the JC Promises.

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Tel: 0115 925 8057 | Email: office@johnclifford.school
Find us: Nether Street, Beeston, NG9 2AT

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