Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Charlotte Garforth Ayanna Laud Alex Wain Carol Bamford Jen King Jade Adcock

Miss Garforth - Honeysuckle Class
Mrs Laud - Snapdragon Class (Mondays)
Miss Wain -Snapdragon Class (Tuesday-Friday)
Ms Bamford - Year 1 Teacher
Miss King - Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Adcock- Year 1 Teaching Assistant



A Very Warm Welcome to Year 1

 Welcome back from the Half Term from all of the Year 1 team. We hope you are well rested and ready for an action-packed summer term! We are really excited to jump into teaching and learning with our amazing ‘History' led topic 

'How Have Toys Changed? '

 Toys From The Past (BD) - History & Geography from Early Years Resources UK  Travel back to your childhood with a look at popular toys from the past 100  years - ABC7 New York  Toys Past and Present Comparison Collection - TTS | Consortium - The  Education Supplies People   


This half term, we will be focussing on two key texts; 'Toy Story' and 'Naughty Bus' By Jan Oke. We will be using these texts to inspire the children to create their own class books at the end of the term and to help them to consolidate their skills. 

 Disney's Toy Story Children's Book Disney Book | Etsy Ireland

'A novel twist on the buddy-movie theme develops when the revered pull-string doll Cowboy Woody and the latest action figure Buzz Lightyear get separated from their 10-year-old owner, Andy. The two toys must put aside their differences to work together to get back home.'

Naughty Bus by Jan Oke

 'The bright red toy London bus in this story gets into all sorts of mischief: playing with other toys, making a mess in the house and exploring the garden. The masterful photographs illustrating the tale are shot from a child’s perspective, getting you down onto the floor with the naughty bus and encouraging imagination and creative play.'



Over the half term, we will also be learning:      

  • MATHS – Multiplication and Division and Fractions 
  • SCIENCE – Everyday Materials and their properties.
  • COMPUTING – Programming on ScratchJR. 
  • HISTORY – How have toys changed?
  • RE – What do MuslimsCelebrate?
  • ART - Developing our print making and sculpture skills.
  • PSHE – Working as a team
  • DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - Researching, designing, creating and evaluating a toy.
  • PE - Athletics and Rounders.
  • MUSIC - Singing and Composing.


Key Dates for Summer 2



PE and Outdoor Learning

In the Spring term, PE takes place on a Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please could all children wear their PE kits to school each Tuesday and Thursday. PE kits consist of PLAIN black shorts or jogging bottoms, PLAIN white t-shirt, and trainers. Children should wear their school jumper too.


The children will take part in Outdoor Learning every other week. Please see the timetable for this half term below:


Homework in Year 1

Each week, we ask that all children read with somebody at home at least three times a week. This could be any adult or an older sibling or friend. Every little bit of reading really does help children on the learning journey. We also ask that the children practise their ‘Tricky 10’ spellings that are sent home each half term. In the back of your child's reading diary is their log in details for Numbots and TTRockstars. Spending some time on these applications each week will support your child to develop their number fluency. 


Computing Link for Scratch Jnr



 The BETA version of Scratch Jnr we have been using can be downloaded here: Scratch JR for Desktop | Open Source Community Port ( or can be downloaded for ipads/iphones/andriod through app stores.

Tricky Words and Spellings

                common exception wordsspelling list

TTRockstars Login -

Numbots Login -

Our Classrooms

Take a look inside Snapdragon classroom...

snapdragon classroom

Take a look inside Honeysuckle classroom...

honeysuckle classroom

Here are the passports for both Honeysuckle and Snapdragon class. These will give you the opportunity to have a look at a few photographs of your new teachers, classrooms and other key areas you will use this year.

Check out the blogs below to see what we've been doing in our classes!





  • Why are dinosaurs extinct?

    Here is a copy of our story map detailing why dinosaurs became extinct.  Practise sharing it at home with your grown ups. Write this in your reading diary and you will be levelled up! 

    Read More ...

  • Micro-habitats and Taking Care of Our World

    This week, we have been continuing our learng around the topic 'Will Animals Always be Here?' and have been researching micro-habitats around our school. Year 1 went around the school grounds and hunted for a variety of different min-beasts.  We found, woodlice, slugs, snails, worms, butterflies, ants, and lots of ladybirds! Here are some pictures of us hunting for the best micro-habitats!

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  • English - Week Beginning 25th April

    This week in Honeysuckle Class, we will be exploring the text 'Things that are most in the World' by Judi Barrett.  Last week, we recited the text with the support of a story map and added the suffix -est to the end of adjectives to compare animals and people. This week we are going to be reading the text and making it our own! We are going to be innovating the text and taking part in a shared write, we are also going to be pretending to be; -The longest animal in the world -The silliest animal in the world -The loudest animal in the world   Maybe you could think of some more at home and share...

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  • Maths - Exploring Measurement

    This week, we have been exploring measuring and comparing the weight of objects. We have been using the language 'heavy, heavier, heaviest' and 'light, lighter, lightest' to compare objects.  Today, we have begun using the balance scales to compare objects and have then used cubes to measure how heavy our objects are. First, we compared our objects by seeing which ones were heaviest and which were lightest. Then, we used cubes to measure the weight of the object. The lightest object in the classroom was Faith's food from the home corner which weighed one cube and the heaviest object was toy...

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  • Fantastic Footballers!

    This week, we have completed our unit of learning on football!  Over the past half term, we have been developing our passing, dribbling, shooting and defending skills. Take a look at us in action - can you see the future Harry Kane in the making!?           

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  • World Book Day

    We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book day!  Can you guess who we are dressed up as?     

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  • Gymnastics 24.2.22

    Today, Honeysuckle Class have taken part in Gymnastics with Miss Winfield.    The children were very excited to have a go at using the large apparatus! Miss Winfield was extremely complementary of all of the class and was very proud of how some of them had conquered their fears and used the tall frame to perform a range of balances that we had been practicing last half term.                  

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  • Spring 2, Week 1 Update - Maths and Computing!

    This week, we have been exploring place value to 50 in maths. We have been using base ten to build numbers to 50 and write corresponding number sentences to show how many tens and ones make up a number. We worked in partners to build a number and record the number sentences, then we had to sort and match some number facts!                        In Computing, we have begun our new unit on 'Managing Data'. In our first lesson, we explored how we can categorise different groups of objects by giving them labels....

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  • Why are Dinosaurs Extinct?

      This is the story map we have been learning in year all about how the dinosaurs came to be extinct! We have internalised the story map by learning it with memorable actions. Why not practise the story map at home? GOLD CARD to anyone who reads the map to their grown-ups! (Write in diary please grown-ups!)          

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  • Computing 17.5.22

    Today we had an awesome Computing lesson!   We used all the knowledge and skills we have aquired from using Beebots online and used REAL BEEBOTS!   We programmed them to reach beanbags and challenged each other to reach finish lines with the Beebots. I was such a fun lesson lesson.  

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  • Science 11.5.22

    This week in Science we have learning to identify a habitbabt and distinguish whether things are alive, dead (used to be alive) or have never n=been alive. We looked around our local habitat (our school grounds and classroom) to find examples of these three categories. Have a look what we found.... Can you spot which objects are alive, which are dead and which have never been alive?   Maybe you could have a go at looking around your home to see what you can find?  

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  • Guinea Pigs!

    We were lucky enough to have Luna and Gia back with us this week for snuggles and fun! We LOVE them!  

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  • Maths Wednesday 4.5.22

    DOUBLES DOUBLES! This week in Maths we have been doubling numbers within ten. We have been using counters to help us work out what is the douible amount of a given number. Today, we played a fun doubling dice game where we had to work out and 'prove' the double using counters, then colour in the answer.   Why not have a go at home with your families?   

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  • Gymnastics Tuesday 3.5.22

    This week in gymnastics, we learned to jump safely from apparatus, as well as how to climb safely too! We practised this in teams then we were challenged to climb or jump our chosen piece of apparatus whilst balancing a beanbag on ourselves! This was super tricky!!!  

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  • Computing Tuesday 3.5.22

    This week in computing we challenged eachother to create routes for virtual 'Beebots' to travel by programming commands.   If you would like to have a go at this at home using this link:  

    Read More ...

  • Maths WC 25.4.22 - Arrays

    This week in Maths we have been looking at multiplication arrays.   We went on an array hunt around school, we created arrays outside using cones and also in the classroom using cubes.   Arrays are a physical or pictorial representation of a multiplication calculation, we count how many rows there are and how many are in each row, this is the multiplication sentence. Then we count the full amount of objects and this tells us how many there are all together.

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  • Gymnastics 26.4.22

    In gymnastics, we have have been learning to balance with a partner, copy shapes our partner's body is making by playing the mirror game, pencil rolls on our mats and how to land safely in preperation for using the equipment next week!

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  • GUINEA PIGS WC 21.3.22

    This week we were lucky enough to have two cute additions to our class, Luna and Gia, our School Giuinea Pigs! We brought them lots of vegetable treats, we found that they especially love spinach and cucumber as snacks! Those of us that wanted a cuddle got a chance for a cuddle this week. We can't wait to have them visit again!  

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  • Red Nose Day - 18th March 2022

    Check out all of our CRAZIEST outfits!

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  • Measuring Maths WC 16.3.22

    This week we have measuring classroom items using non-standard measures (cubes and similar uniform sized objects) to measure things around our classroom. We have been estimating how many cubes we think and object is and then testing our guessing skills by measuring accurately.   Here are a few pictures of us measuring...

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  • Science Week! WC 14.3.22

    This week we have been learning all about the scientist Caroline Herschal.       She was born in 1750 and went on to become the first female scientist to discover a comet, the first woman ever to be paid for a scientific job and she also helped her brother, scientist William Herschal discover the planet Uranus. She was a pioneer in her field for women and we have been discussing why her work was so important. On Wednesday, 16th March (Caroline's 272nd birthday!) we made comets to mark her discoveries.  

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  • World Book Day!

    Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day. We all came to school dressed as out favourite literary characters and spent the day doing lots of fun things. We had a costume parade, we talked about our books and characters and we had a 'secret teacher' read a story to us each day of the week.   It was so much fun!       

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  • 24.2.22 Art

    This Thursday, we created our own Great Fire of London scenes. After looking at a few examples, the children were given free reign of their design and choice of mnaterials to create their art work.   Have a look at our fabulous gallery below.  

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  • WC 21.2.22 Maths

    This week in Maths we have been partitioning numbers up to 50 into tens and ones. We have been representing tens and ones by using equipment and drawing tens ‘sticks’ and one ‘squares’. Here are some of our super hard working Maths super stars.

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