Observatory Trip 25.11.22

On Friday, we went to the Nottingham Trent University Astronomical Observatory.


It was a truly inspiring trip, we learned so much! We went inside a planetarium and looked at Jupiter, Mars and the moon close up. What was especially interesting was that these planets and our moon are currently visible in the night sky right now, with a pair of binoculars we can look at them for ourselves! We also learned about the constellations and the myths that inspired the constellations.We had an interesting presentaion all about the moon and another about Astronaurts and the history of space travel. We were especially interested in the toileting logistics in spacesuits!

We got to go inside the observatory and look at all the high tech equipment, we all got to control the telescope whilst learning about what it is used for at the university. Afterwards, we were invited to look at the sun through a special, safe telescope and saw sun flares! 

A great day was had by all!



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