Week beginning 3rd October 2022

This week we have been focusing on the JC Promise ‘Take care of my work’

This week in maths, children have continued with their addition and subtraction learning, focusing on adding 1s, 10s and 100s and began to look at adding 1s crossing 10. Children have applied their understanding of number lines to support them with this.

In English, children have linked their learning about Black History Month and have started to create a persuasive text about how to be a good ally. Children have researched using the story ‘Little allies’ and created a box up plan for their persuasive write.

To celebrate Black History Month, children have taken part in a workshop exploring the lives of people from ethnic minorities. Children were able to look at a range of artefacts, pictures and play a steel pan drum to explore what life was like for others when they first arrived in our country.

For this weeks spellings, we are looking at homophones and near homophones.

Children will take part in a spelling quiz on these words on WB 10.10.22


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