Week beginning 21st November 2022

This week in maths, children started their learning on multiplication and division. Children have been identifying equal groups and exploring multiples of 2,5 and 10.

In English, children have started their new unit of work about explanation texts. Children have rehearsed their new text all about how to make fire in the Stone Age. They have then identified features and linked their learning from our trip to write sentences using rainbow grammar.

On Wednesday, children went on a school trip to Creswell Crags. Once we arrived, children took part in three activities. Activity 1 allowed children to become palaeontologists and look at the bones of prehistoric animals. Children decided if they were a predator or prey and then put the bones back together to create the skeleton of the animal. Children also learnt survival skills and practiced using tools. Finally, children were given a cave tour. Children were able to understand where people would live and how they would use the cave to survive.

For this week’s spellings, we are looking at using the suffix -ly when the root word ends with ‘ic’ or ‘al’

Children will take part in a spelling quiz on these words on WB 28.11.22


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