The Wildflower Garden

Weekending 18th November 2022

Poppies, Remembrance and Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who supported our ‘Children in Need’ activitie today.  It was great to see the children coming to school dressed up.

Thank you also for those who brought money in for toast for the appeal today- we had buttered toast and jam and butter on toast and for those who didn’t like toast, we made jam sandwiches.  

We also attended our first whole school assembly where Mrs Mitchell weighed the giant pumpkins which had grown in the Outdoor Learning garden.  I was incredibly proud of how the children sat and listened really well.


We have been talking a little more about Remembrance Day this week and some of the children said that they remembered their grandparents who aren’t here anymore. Some of the children said that they had seen some people with poppies on them and some had seen it on the television.  We made our own Poppy wreath by painting our hands red and adding black dots to the centre. We joined them all together to make our beautiful wreath. We made red, green and black playdough and practised making playdough balls and squashing them down with the palm of our hands to make the poppies and we were really good at rolling the playdough to make long stems for them.

The children have been much more confident at exploring the classroom. They added more resources to the water and pushed the boats down the pipes by pouring water behind them. They experimented to see if more water made the boat move faster and less water made it move slower. 


After three weeks of telling the story, ‘Whatever Next!’, the children know the story very well and were able to tell me the story explaining the main events of the story.  I was very proud of how many of them remembered words such as colander and helmet and said, ‘Whoosh! Out into the night’.

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