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Hathersage 2022 Updates

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Day 5 of Hathersage 2022 (and therefore the week) finished!

Our week drew to a close with the final goodbyes to the St Michael's centre as we packed up and made our way to Treak Cliff Caverns. We learned about the Blue John rock and the geological history of the area. For example, we learned how different metals in limestone effect its colour! After lunch, we took our final bus journey back to JC, ready to be reunited with families, friends, homes and beds as soon as possible.


Thank you to all the children from this week. The adults have had the best time thanks to you and your behaviour, attitude and positivity. 


Day 4 of Hathersage 2022 sumounted!

Our final day at St Michael's and a day where we spent the least time actually at the site. Another incredibly successful hike, with minimal complaints, brilliant spirits and some phenonmenal bravery to overcome to challenges. The courage shown to face heights despite fears was truly inspirational. Everyone managed to reach Stanage Edge AND make it to Robin Hood's cave.


An evening of another wonderful pub dinner with a movie to see us into the night capped off a faultless day. Good night sleeps all round expected before we make our way home tomorrow. Adults at home, get ready for some big hugs!


Day 3 of Hathersage 2022 smashed!

Day 3 saw the change over of the groups for the week. As the first group got up and packed after a final hearty breakfast, the second group set off for their adventures. Those of us already at St. Michael's spent some time reflection on all we've achieved and our favourite parts.


After a seemless swap of groups and bags onto the coach, the first group set off for their mini trip to Treak Cliff Cavern as the second group got to know their setting a little more.


This afternoon we had our go at the activities from Day 1. Orientating our maps before finding all the controls we needed to, and completing our stream study before having time to splash around and even create some stunning rock tower sculptures (check out the photos above!)


We then spent the evening walking around the village, stopping off at Little John's grave and at the park for a little playtime. Let's hope our legs aren't too tired for the big walk tomorrow! 



Day 2 of Hathersage 2022 conquered!

Wow! What a day of  achievements. We walked for miles and miles to get to the top of Stanage Edge. Along the way, we visited a warren to complete some tree spotting, followed Hood Brook looking at how the stream travelled and grew, found the mill pond and really challenged ourselves to keep going. The only thing more impressive than the views were the attitudes of the children. Barely a moan was heard as the children absolutely smashed the walk. When we reach the summit, we also took some time to explore Robin Hood's cave. We even saw some paragliders and climbers too.


A fitting treat awaited us this evening as we had our special pub dinner. Once again, everyone behaved themselves as they were met with HUGE portion of delicious, warm meals.


We're definitely ready for an early night (after some hot chocolate of course...) and can't wait to see our friends and family tomorrow. 


Day 1 of Hathersage 2022 completed!

A wonderful day spent settling into our home for the next few days.

We checked our kit fitted, ate lunch and sorted our rooms before putting our wellies on to head to complete a local stream study and some orienteering.

We found some incredible things in the stream. Make sure you ask about them when we get home.

This evening we had a nice walk up to the church yard, spotting Little John's grave.   

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